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Below you find some interesting links to different adventure sites, but also to some horse and other sites.
bullet The Long Riders' Guild
bulletA club for long-riders all over the world. Exciting readings about old and new equestrian explorers. Barbara's and my trip was mentioned under "Current Expeditions in the field" during our trip. How nice!


bulletHere you can find literature about traveling with a horse.


bulletHere you find literature about classical adventures.


bullet Abenteuerreiter (Adventure rider)
bulletGünther Wamser's riding site. Günther's project is to ride through South- Central- and Northamerica. He started in Patagonia in 1994 and Barbara, my riding partner, rode with him for two years and ended up in Antigua Guatemala in july 2003. Since the summer of 2004 they are riding together again.


bullet Safe Passage
bulletA nonprofit organization founded to help some of Guatemala´s poorest children break out of poverty through education.


bullet Unicornio Azul (The blue unicorn)
bulletA horse farm on 3000 meters hight in the Cuchumatanes mountains. They offer riding tours covering several days of riding. The farm is owned by Fernando and Pauline. We were guests here during the turn of the month August - September. It is a beatiful farm with beautiful horses and lovely rooms. Are you ready for a different vacation?


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